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Oregano is generally classified in two categories: Mediterranean and Mexican oregano . Despite the shared name and similar flavors, these are two completely different species. Greek oregano tends to be the most savory and earthy, while Italian is milder and Turkish is more pungent.

Mexican oregano shares the basic pungent flavor of Mediterranean oregano, but  it also has notes of citrus and mild licorice with subtle hints of lime that really enhance the flavor of chiles and paprikas. It is frequently called for in chili powders, chili con carne, and various spicy/hot dishes, especially the traditional Mexican and Central American moles and rojos. Mexican Oregano is also outstanding in flavoring beans, burritos, enchiladas, fish, pork, salsas, soups, stews, tacos, tomato based sauces and as an ingredient in seasoning blends. It also partners well with are cumin, chili powder, dried Mexican chiles, garlic and pepper.

Deep rich Mexican oregano available here.

In the video below you see the the field workers preparing barbacoa cooked in the ground, while they prepare this delicacy they narrate   how they have made the Mexican oregano into a thriving business so  successful that it has caused some of their fellow Mexican expats return to Mexico to help them work. CAXTLE is cooperative that demonstrates success, a productive society in regards to community jobs, family  and a thriving neighborhood .




“Mientras preparan una deliciosa barbacoa de hoyo, un grupo de campesinos nos cuenta como han hecho del orégano mexicano un negocio rentable! Hasta han logrado que sus paisanos, regresen a Mexico a ayudarles!…

Cooperativa CAXTLE es una historia de éxito, una “sociedad productora”, de trabajo en comunidad, una familia, un barrio, vecinos donde todos valen lo mismo y es así que unidos lograron brincarse a los “coyotes” para vender sin intermediarios y vivir de la siembra y cosecha del orégano.

Excelente documental. No te lo pierdas por favor!

No olvides pulsar el botón HD!…


Cooperativa CAXTLE Orégano Mexicano.”


Delicias Prehispánicas y Contemporáneas.